There’s a new IPO in town and it’s not any stranger to most neighborhood folks who have heard of the brand.
Kimly Limited is inviting man on the street to become part of the shareholders by opening a total of 173,800,000 new shares which comprises of 170,000,000 placement and 3,800,000 public tranche at an offer of $0.25 for each share.
Indicative Timetable

About The Company

Kimly Limited operates and manages coffee shops chains as the master leaseholder which then lease these food stalls to tenants.
They operates a total of 64 food outlets, which comprises of 56 coffee shops, 3 industrial canteens and 5 food courts.
They also had a central kitchen where all the activities for the food preparation was done at.
The current occupancy rate was at 98% and they own 5.8% market share of the business.


Let’s first go to see the financials of the company…