CPF is something close to the hearts of Singaporeans. In fact, it is hard to meet an adult Singaporean without strong views on CPF policies or issues. Be it the inability to withdraw your CPF funds until age 55, interest rates on CPF funds, CPF LIFE or the compulsory Medisave contribution for self-employed (just ask any taxi uncle about this), few would sit on the fence.

Much as we dislike some of the policies, there’s nothing we can do as individuals to change them. But what’s within our control is to optimise our decisions and actions within the CPF system.  

So instead of listening to people with strong views on CPF, why not listen to some who have taken useful actions to prepare for their retirement?

And then possibly learn from them. 

Optimising Your CPF For Retirement

BigScribe has managed to invite Creatwealth8888, Christopher Ng and BudgetBabe for …