Okay, here’s the quick rundown.

SCB has just launched a new cashback card:

  • 1.5% cashback
  • $30,000 annual income requirement

Personally, I think it looks great so far. Let’s look at current its REAL competitors:

AMEX True Cashback: 1.5%, no minimum spend, no cap, BUT ITS AMEX

CIMB Visa Infinite: 1%, no minimum spend, no cap, $120,000 annual income

CIMB World MasterCard: 1%, no minimum spend, no cap, $120,000 annual income

SCB Manhattan: 0.5% – 3% cashback tiers, $200 quarter cap

Personally, I’m getting really, really sick of jumping through hoops and doing little dances for the banks so that they toss me some interest rate bonuses. The one that I hate the most is a minimum amount of monthly credit card spending.

This card is perfect for:

  • your first starting credit card
  • people with erratic spending habits (as opposed to …