Since the start of the year, STI has rise from 2880 to 3133 in a short space of 3 months. Have you been making gains?

I have been very lucky to make quite a number of gains within this short period.

Managed to sell, as well as buy and sell:

– Wheelock Properties (Singapore) Limited at 10% profit.

– TTJ Holdings Limited at minimum 20% profit.

– Singapore Airlines Limited at 5% profit

– Sing Holdings Limited at about 20% profit

– Sabana REIT at about 20% profit

– Singhaiyi Group Ltd at about 30% profit

– Yongnam Holdings Ltd at about 10% profit (and then I bought again after it dropped!)

– TIH Limited at about 15% profit.

I have also manage to reduce numerous holdings and many of my counters are also in an overall gain position (Currently I am almost 25% to 30% cash).

Other than luck and most …