This update is at least a week late as I was simply too busy with the earlier posts.

I honestly thought that there was a good chance we could spend less than $3,000 this month. Firstly, this is a short month with only 28 days and secondly, we managed to keep to within $500 for the eating out category, which is easily 50% lower than the norm.

But some big purchases and gifts meant that wasn’t to be. However, at the very least, we still managed to keep the expenses within $3,350 and this has lowered our average expenditure this year to $4,432. 

I am confident we can continue to lower the average for the next couple of months and the breakdown for February 2017 is shown below.

Eating Out: $480.40

Hawker ($173.50) – It’s pretty amazing that we spent less than $200 on hawker food this month. I …