I read a few personal finance themed blogs here and there. Not just local ones, I mean. Sometimes, they get picked up by social media which tend to result in a particularly share-worthy (click-bait-ish) post.

This particular one mentioned a 28 year old New Yorker who has retired with more than $2 million. Woah. Pitchforks! Many of the comments were outright negative and quick to dismiss it.

  • If I had a $100k salary fresh out of college/university, I could do the same.
  • I can’t even get paid more than $10/hour!
  • But they have dual income. How I wish the article would have based it on a single income.
  • $2 million wouldn’t be enough! She would retire at 28, use up all that money, and end up finding a job at 45.
  • Is this another trust-fund kid success story?
  • No parents or kids, right?
  • Even the more hardworking ones did …