One of my favorite movie scenes of all time comes from the film Limitless.

Bradley Cooper plays Eddie – a down-and-out loser who’s struggling in his career as a writer. He comes across NZT-48 – a “smart drug” that lets him access 100% of his brain instead of the usual 10% (this is a myth, but hey, it’s a movie).

He swallows the pill, and suddenly he’s the most productive, creative and prolific person in the world:

A lot of people think that the act of creating is like taking NZT-48. For example, when my friends ask me about what it’s like to write a blog, they imagine me sitting in a cafe, leisurely sipping a latte and effortlessly conjuring up Shakespearean prose.

The truth is a lot less romantic. It’s more like me sitting in a dark room in my underwear at 5.30am, rubbing my eyes and …