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Today, Uncle8888 eng eng made another trip to Bishan CPF Branch.

Last year. Thursday, 22 December 2016

It was like that ….

CPF : You can withdraw interests from SA, OA and MA too.

CW: Pls help to check how much interests I can draw out without touching my SA and OA.

CPF: Wah! You have lots of interests to draw out. It is $XX,XXX. Do you want to draw out now?

CW: :-)

CW: No. Not now. I will withdraw next year on January.

So last year at Dec 2016 was like that …

Interests from SA+OA+MA from Jan 16 to Nov 16 = $XX,XXX (5 figure number)

Today, 13 Mar 2017, it is like this ….

After passing Q ticket and IC to CPF lady and before she could ask ..

CW : I want to withdraw interests from all my CPF accounts.

Uncle8888 also passed to her this notepad…