Blessing in Disguise: US Interest Rate Hike


US has just increased the interest rate to 0.75-1%.  The global stock markets respond positively.  When the interest rate hike has become a predictable pattern, eg. 0.25% quarterly or 1% yearly, global investors would have priced in the impact, fear will be overcome by greed until the arrival of next global financial crisis.

We could observe the emotions of market, how it affects the stocks in both ways. Last few years, when global economy was lagging, news of US interest rate hike is a negative factor. Now, interest rate hike becomes a neutral or even positive news as the market assumes it means the economy is strong, therefore stock market and other investment market (property, etc) will follow the uptrend.

Stock market is emotional, people interpret the market based on the mass market sentiment, following the herd mentality. If we are one of the herd, our …

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