One of the people in the local scene that I quite admire is Vina Ip aka Property Soul. Many people might not agree with me and attribute her success to luck and timing, but it takes massive stones to take the calculated risks that she did and walk away from everything a glowing success. Anyway I feel that her book about buying property in Singapore is a true gem – focused specifically to buyers of Singapore property and littered with wise and time-tested financial advice.

In her latest post, she talked about the recent “easing” of the cooling measures that were just announced. Let me quickly point out the 3 changes:

  1. SSD has 1 tier removed, and hence 1 year less, and a lower rate
  2. TDSR doesn’t apply to MWL if LTV is 50% or less
  3. “ACD” is the new acronym that plugs the QC/ABSD loophole that is being abused ..