The first article of SGXcafe appeared on 15 March 2015, hence I set this date to be the birthday of SGXcafe. On this day, let’s review the good and bad that happened in the past year.

The Good

SGXcafe has grown significantly in the past year; it currently has more than half a million pageviews every month coming from 30,000 unique visitors. More importantly, it has received support from 177 users in the form of money, and numerous others via feedback, bug reports, and suggestions. Thank you all very much!

Personally, through SGXcafe, I have also gained in many ways (except monetary). Understanding the nitty gritty details and technology needed to build and maintain a website; made friends with many like-minded people and even had meals with several; received numerous offers to work together, and even an offer to buy SGXcafe. Hence, despite the tremendous time and money needed to …