If you have been a regular reader of Singapore Stocks Investing, you would have noticed that I have been advocating high dividends stock which could stand the test of time and give investors some form of passive income in the form of dividends during his holding period of the stock. However, some stocks do offer very high dividends yields and are value traps, hence the important point is to buy high-dividends stocks selectively.
Currently, there are seven stocks on the SGX which offer a dividend yields of at least 5%. These seven stocks are also undervalued with a Price-to-Book ratio of less than one and are trading at most 3.85% from their 52-week low prices. Without further ado, these are the seven stocks:

1. Ascott Residence Trust

2. Far East Hospitality Trust

3. Frasers Commercial Trust

4. GP Industries Limited

5. Keong Hong Holdings Limited

6. Soilbuild Business Space …