What’s your thoughts on this bond’s yield?


I used to own 34,000 units of CMA3.8% bonds, until they were redeemed it in January this year. This bond has a coupon of 3.8% for the first 5 years, and 4.5% after that. They have an option to redeem the bonds from Jan 2017 onwards, and they did. It seems reasonable since if they weren’t redeemed, the interest to be paid out would be 4.5%, which is not justifiable since they are able to get loans with lower interest rate.

With this redemption, I am looking at other avenues to maintain or even better my interest income.

One of the bond that I was looking at is the retail perpetual bond issued by Genting at a coupon of 5.125% per year. If this bond is not redeemed in 2022 (10 years after being issued), the coupon goes to 6.125%. But there’s a …

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