Healthcare Stocks – Choice between Life or Money


Healthcare sector is one of the strongest sector in most countries of the world, business has been growing steadily. Between “Life” and “Money”, most people would choose life over money. Regardless rich or poor people, they are willing to pay to cure their sickness, prolong their lives, staying alive as long as possible.

As a result, doctor / medical specialist is also one of the most respectful profession because one could make a lot of money with this specialized medical skills. Hospital could save millions of lives and make a lot of money at the same time due to this unique economic moats, especially for reputable hospitals.

Healthcare related stocks (eg. hospitals, medical services, healthcare REITs, healthcare products and services) with strong fundamentals worth consideration by investors. However, some of their stock prices could be at sky high due to bullish market.  We need to wait for market crisis …

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