Hi Mr. AK,

I like when you say all investments are good at the right price.

I also follow you to buy APTT when it was 38c. Thank you.

I just found out you sold end of last month. The price now 43c.

I missed the chance to sell at 49.5c. Do you think I should sell at 43c?

I am not blaming you but I only read your blogs on stocks.

I missed the sell on APTT at high price because it was not not in the blog title.

Hi LK,

Welcome to my blog.

If you like Peter Lynch’s famous saying, you should first learn to tell the difference between price and value.

You could start by reading some books: HERE.

Read that blog post of mine again to learn why did I choose to sell and not hold on to APTT for dividends.

Note that although …