Why You Should Get The Unlimited Cashback Credit Card


Having recently experienced an interest rate reduction on his deposits, there is finally some good news coming from the banking industry. A competitor, Standard Chartered Bank (‘SCB’), just released a very attractive credit card- the Unlimited Cashback Credit Card. We all know that cashback is all the rage these days. By targeting right at the primitive desires of consumers, it will not be surprising to see them soon make a beeline towards SCB. Here is why Heartland Boy thinks you should get the Unlimited Cashback Credit Card.

  1. Unlimited 1.5% Cashback On All Spend

Standard Chartered’s Unlimited Cashback Credit Card offers unlimited 1.5% cashback on all spend. No minimum spending is required and there will be no cashback cap. For instance, if you were to pay for a wedding banquet in a hotel that cost approximately $40,000, you would be entitled to a cashback of $600. Cardholders …

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