I have previously done a post about ‘spring cleaning’ my stock portfolio on 5 March 2017 (read here). With equity valuations looking a bit rich, I reckon it would be good to raise the percentage of my cash holdings.

On 11 Feb 2017, I did a short post on an update to my portfolio. The percentage of my Savings & SRS (cash) then was at 13%. Earlier on 4 Sept 2016, the percentage of Savings then was only at 8% (read here).

I recently sold my Super Group shares, just a couple of days prior to receiving the package pertaining to the delisting of Super Group (the realized profit at approx. 16% of the amount invested, excluding dividends received). Although the selling price was lower than the $1.30 delisting price, it was not a lot.

The stock price of Super Group has been hovering at around $1.30 …