Do women make better investors than men? What “special” feminine traits or instincts might we have that could potentially give us an advantage over our male counterparts?

While investing success doesn’t necessarily boil down to gender differences – whether biological or psychological – there’s no denying that it has been mostly the men who have been receiving recognition for their investing prowess so far.

Warren Buffett. Charlie Munger. Bill Ackman. Benjamin Graham. Carl Icahn. Peter Lynch. George Soros. Sir John Templeton.

Where are the women?

Now, before we jump the gun, perhaps it might be worth understanding why the men have been getting all the attention. After all, if we look further back into history and into the eras where gender roles were more entrenched, men were mainly the breadwinners earning money for the household. Since most women relied on their husbands to support the family, few had money of …