This can be considered a flat month although the total value of the portfolio increased by about $3,000 to end up at $393,000. The appreciating SGD against USD and HKD mitigated some of the stock market gains and it’s interesting that the consensus I sense is that the market appears more frothy than 2 years ago.

That’s when the STI was near 3,500 compared to 3,200 right now. But the difference is that the US market continues to pull away and I guess many are just waiting for a pullback or even a crash in the US market to derail the local market.

Well, at this point, I am cautious, yet optimistic, judging by my exposure to equities.

1. 15HWW Permanent Portfolio

The gain in the STI ETF manages to offset the small drop in gold prices and the slightly depreciating USD.

USD-SGD Rate: 1.40

UOB 50 Gram PAMP Gold Price: …