For a while, I have suspected that ASSI has stalkers but the following can only happen because this stalker happens to be a friend. If he were just any other reader, I would freak out.


I believe you made in mistake calculating your gains from Saizen. 

Just letting you know. You see if you want to amend.

“How much space is enough?”


I checked the numbers again. You are right!


I think I mixed up my average cost price for Saizen REIT with First REIT’s.

So, $245,000 is too low.

It should be $30,000 to $40,000 higher.

So, the returns, in terms of percentage, should be higher. Maybe more than 25% a year.

Too lazy to come up with the exact figures. Of course, this shouldn’t surprise you. LOL.

I will publish a blog as an errata. Thanks.

This is a very good reminder to everyone that ASSI is not very reliable. If you have …