What Am I Supposed To Gain From Trading The Financial Markets?

Many traders would like to make money from the market. That’s the main objective isn’t it? Are there other things that one can gain from trading the markets? Personally I would say “Yes”. To me, the trading of the financial markets means more than just making money off the market.  There are many areas that have provided invaluable lessons and sparks in my life that make life stronger and more meaningful.

Making more money from the market is a great success to many. That’s fantastic. I am not going to say that this is no good. I would like to look beyond the obvious and grab the neglected and hidden gains.

I would like to pay great respect to the market random fluctuations that enables me to grow and strengthen my psychology. This psychology propels me ahead in life in terms of my thinking and also the view of life. It tilts my mind, and the way …

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