New Counter: Sapphire Corporation

In a bid to reach my target portfolio size of 8 counters, I will spend my bonus on acquiring 2 more stocks. Sapphire is the first of the 2.

Equity: Sapphire Corporation (SGX: BRD)

Business: Rail Infrastructure Construction
Markets exposed: Primarily China, increasingly Developing Asia
Stock exchange: SGX
Purchase price: 0.335
Purchase month: March

10% per annum: 

Sapphire Corporation is a turnaround that is now poised to be a fast grower.

Sapphire has been reworking their business model since 2014. They sold their steel business, bought the mining business Mancala, bought Ranken, and recently sold 81% of Mancala. With the sale of 81% stake in Mancala, Sapphire Corporation’s business is now primarily concentrated in Ranken, a rail constructor.
In terms of Geography, China is currently Ranken’s biggest revenue contributor. The company is branching out into other parts of developing Asia such as Bangladesh.


1) Strong Governance

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