This investment event was big enough for me to write a short post about it. Given the recent run-up in equity markets, we have decided to sell some of our stock holdings and take some profits. The last time we sold any shares was 1.5 years ago in Aug/Sep 2015. This is part of our overall strategy to focus on building up our ETF portfolio and simplifying our share portfolio. Over time, we should hold mostly ETFs in our investment portfolio with minimal stock holdings. It’s not that we need the cash since we are still employed in full-time jobs. Just a matter of rebalancing and reallocating our asset holdings.

Sell transactions for Mar 2017

Sale proceeds after transaction costs: S$45,005

Realised profit/(loss) excluding dividends collected: S$4,500 or 10%

Realised profit/(loss) including dividends collected: S$7,000 or 15%

If I compare these results to the current performance of our ETF portfolio,

ETF portfolio …