My Mum was the closest kin I had, by millions of miles.

If my Mum were still alive, we would be celebrating her 54th birthday today. If only.

She had passed away 6 years ago, after a one year struggle with ovarian cancer.

My Mum

My Mum was one of the kindest and most responsible person I know and she sought to instil those qualities in her children. No matter what happened, she would never blow her temper at low-paid service staff because she had worked those positions before and could empathise with their difficulties. And whenever I borrow anything from anyone, I will be able to remember her mantra “Always return it in the same, if not better condition”.

She was an introverted housewife who liked to spend time at home keeping things clean, tidy and in order. If I were to observe myself from afar, it would appear that I have inherited a large part …