Okay, I think it’s good that MND Lawrence Wong has finally clarified AGAIN for all the stupiak people out there that are not so sure what “leasehold” means.

Some good quotes from the Straits Times article, but I highlighted my favourite one and it’s the more important thing to note:

“… for most HDB flats, their leases will eventually run out and the flats returned to HDB, which in turn surrenders the land the flats are on to the State.”

“SERS is only offered to HDB blocks locaited with high redevelopment potential”

“… only 4% of HDB flats have been identified for SERS since it was launched in 1995.”

What is Lawrence Bro talking about SERS this SERS that? Very confusing hor?

Okay, let me break it down for you:

Outcome 1: 96% chance
You buy a HDB flat. Maybe resale, maybe BTO, it doesn’t matter.
When …