Golden Energy (“GEAR”) has slumped 21% from $0.655 on 12 Dec 2016 to $0.515 on 27 Mar 2017. Compare this with a 47% rally in Geo Energy’s share price over the same period. Moreover, GEAR has slumped 10% post its results notwithstanding the strong set of results. Why is this so?

I have managed to fix an exclusive 1-1 meetup with Mark Zhou, Head of investments, GEAR (“Management”) to find out more about the company’s business and prospects.

Key takeaways from the meetup

Bullish on FY17F

Management continues to be bullish about its outlook. Based on Chart 1 below, Indonesia, China and India contributed about 58%, 25% and 14% respectively. For example, Indonesian government under President Jokowi’s administration has implemented an electrification programme to add 35,000 megawatts (MW) in power generation capacity across the country by 2019. Of which, almost 20,000 MW will come from coal-fired plants. Moreover, …