Mobile Apps are fast becoming integral part of our daily routines/lives. Besides the social media apps like Facebook, Instagram etc, that keep our fingers busy (from swiping), there are plenty of financial/news or gaming apps around that take up a fair bit of our time (no wonder nowadays most of us are suffering from sleep deficiency, because there are simply too many info to see/digest).

Today, I am going to share two more apps (both are related to figures) which were developed by my friends.

Two Apps ; One Theme (Figures)

One for Google Play (Finance) and One for iOS (Game)

Fair and square! lol

Dr Wealth (Finance) – Google Play Only:

This is a revamped app from Dr Wealth (after acquired by BigFatPurse), it’s a financial app targeting at retail investors to keep track of their stock portfolio, reviewing their stock performance (with charts) including the dividends received, all in one app. Too bad, it is only …