This is just an update to readers who had read about the post “Counters In My Watchlist“.

So what had happened to these counters after 1 month and what is my decision moving forward?

1. Yongnam Holdings Ltd

As predicted, Yongnam’s share price has ranged from 0.199 to 0.210 over this 1 month.

I had told many people (even during my sharing session conducted recently), and also stated in the initial post, I doubt the share price will go below 0.199 or have a drastic fall like other counters such as Noble Group. This is mainly due to the breakdown of the number of shareholders holdings as well as the public float.

If people wanted to sell, they will have done it earlier. Everyone is waiting for the breakthrough.

For me, I did purchase Yongnam at 0.199. However, I should be offloading them …