Have you ever felt that despite all the blogs and online resources available, you still needed that extra something to nudge you towards index investing?

Did you say “yes”?

Shiny Things

One place that I’ve learnt a lot from is, surprisingly, the Money Mind sub-forum at Hardware Zone. I know, don’t judge. I tend to lurk around many places 🙂

There is a particular individual who uses the handle of Shiny Things , and he shared a heck of a lot of sensible stuff that I generally agrees with. Many times, it is related to index investing. He even has his official fan club thread that boasts 389 pages as I write this post.

A couple of times in the past, when folks ask me ‘Hey, I’ve read your blog – anything else you can point me to?’ – my answer is usually Andrew Hallam’s Millionaire Teacher: The Nine Rules …