We spent about $4,250 in March and it was actually another rather frugal month by our standards. If we excluded the $700 that we paid for the day trips in Melbourne, the number would be much closer to $3,500. After including this month’s expenditure, we have still managed to lower our average expenditure this year slightly to $4,371. 

This also means that when we take our trip in May, there’s only accommodation and the daily expenses to deal with. So the expenditure is unlikely to explode in that month when we “amortise” the trip like this.

But it’s notable that we have used up half of the $5,000 buffer we have given ourselves. We are definitely not on track in keeping within $42,000 this year.

Eating Out: $607.30

Hawker ($181.10) – Another month of hawker expenses falling below $200 as the cooking habit during weekday lunches is sticking.