I was actually thinking to change to Aviva for very long due to their really cheap prices. I know I am not a guy or NS men, but lucky for everyone, it’s also applicable to spouse and children up to 25 years old. It is really affordable.

For more details, read this pdf

I confirm there is nothing cheaper in the market.

Plus, you can buy at any age below 65, it will not get more expensive whether you buy at 25 years old or 60 years old. Male of female, it’s the same. I am truly impressed. It’s really a wonderful offer so if you are buying anything else, you should consider this seriously.

Let me tell you why I bought Prudential in the first place, my best friend is an insurance agent.

Wah, so funny right? I know I am taking different stands from her but she doesn’t mind. I just do not know how to …