I have yet to receive my Standard Chartered March statement so portfolio update will have to wait. I did a review on my 2016 expenses and concluded that it was too high. 3 months have passed since then and let’s take a look at my Q1 expenses to see if they are below 1/4 of my last year expenses.

Ideally, expenses should be less than $9,500, so how did KPO did?

Wedding $3,000.00
Parents $1,600.00
Me $800.26
Food $703.28
Credit Card $617.00
Insurance $515.64
Treat $466.64
Vacation $442.66
Gift $308.00
Transportation $278.46
Entertainment $226.65
Gambling $20.00
Investment $2.00
Grand Total $8,980.59

Total expenses comes up to $8,980! CZM and I have decided on a hotel to have our wedding banquet for 2018! We wanted to keep it small (10+ tables) and the hotel is pretty flexible …