6 Powerful Lessons From The Review Of Becoming Warren Buffett


On the rare occasion that Heartland Boy was able to take a full-carrier flight from Jakarta to Singapore, he decided to plug into the in-flight entertainment system. He selected this documentary titled Becoming Warren Buffett amongst the long list of movies and TV programmes. Before long, he was totally absorbed in the show. The values and habits of Warren Buffett were so valuable that Heartland Boy decided to pen a review about the documentary. This article shall serve as a reminder to Heartland Boy about the most important factors that made Warren Buffett so successful. Furthermore, an excellent documentary such as this definitely deserves a greater audience. For those who have not watched the documentary, here are 6 powerful lessons from the review of Becoming Warren Buffett.

Lesson 1: Frugality

The S&P 500 Index was down yesterday, so I feel a bit poor this morning. Therefore, I told my …

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