Uncle8888 has lived long enough and witness more than enough people growing up in the same era as him; but those who have CLEARLY communicated their Goals upfront in their early years; somehow they eventually achieved their Goals way ahead of their peers who are still dreaming of striking ToTo JackPot in their 60s! BTW; he is one of them every Mondays and Thursday dreaming it!

Our Goals can provide THAT direction and push us forward to THAT direction in the long-term and eventually we will built for ourselves our own well-designed system and committing to the process to pursue our clearly stated Goals.

Stating our Goals without committing effort, resources and time to build our own System and refining and adjusting our process to pursue our Goals is just Day Dreaming!

Let Uncle8888 shared his own experience of setting his Goals and what follows on year after year until the Goals are achieved! …