Read? Goals, System And Process Are Not Mutually Exclusive! (1)

Goal of Self-insured Fund by 60

……   After reading if you have bother to read them; what is the difference?

Real People. Real Story!

(1) The Grasshopper’s Way – No Goal!

(2) The Ant’s Way – Setting Goal well ahead of his time in term of decades!

The difference?

Foresight and hindsight?

Ant has foresight with his Goal and works on his plan to reach his Goal with estimated time of arrival.

Grasshopper dances on hindsight and singing loud: “Oh boy! I have arrived!”

How about this:

Pilot: Cabin crew, prepare for arrival in one hour!


Pilot: Cabin crew, we have arrived!

What is the Moral of the Story?

Foresight : It WILL happen so we prepare and be ready for it to happen! It HAShappened. We are glad and safe!

Hindsight : It happened! We are glad and safe!

At the dawn of Spring; the Ant met the …