Are these SMALL-CAP PLAYS still in PLAY?


I watched the “Moneyweek” episode of Channel 8 on 5 Apr 2017. The episode featured the business growth story of Myanmar and shared how Singapore businesses fare in Myanmar in their business development there as well as the businessmen’s sentiments of doing business there. This episode was a very good take-away to me of the updates of the Myanmar growth story in a half-hour documentary.

From the show, I learnt how Myanmar’s economy growth, after opening up to overseas investors in year 2011 has slowed in recent years; though Singapore businesses there continue to be optimistic about the growth of Myanmar under the new government administration. Singapore’s investment in Myanmar in parallel has shrank in recent years in parallel. On a ground level, Singapore businesses in Myanmar adjusted and adapted their business model to the specific needs of the Myanmar populace. For example, Killiney adopted what the people of Myanmar …

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