On 17 March 2017 , Sold 1450 Ascott Residence Trust Rights share at average price of  $0.13393.

After deducted brokerage fee, net in about $170 +.

I decided not to subscribe the rights because I intend to initiate a position in Mapletree Logistic Trust which is rising steadily & 2 growth stock which recently catch my attention.

1 of the growth stock is Alliance Mineral ,the only Lithium resource stock in SGX but after careful consideration, I decided not to purse it further because the great risks of not finding more lithium in quantity will set this stock value to almost nothing.

However “富贵险中求” , the potential will be great if large quantity of Lithium is found & provided the price of Lithium remain stable at current level.

Another growth stock I will share it later after I purchase it since the price is not attractive for me to enter now.

At the same time …