I’ve been following the famous motivational guru, Tony Robbins‘ books since his Awaken The Giant Within (1991). So, I can consider myself a fan of his book. In the recent years, his books are mainly focusing on the personal finance, from the 2014’s Money – Master The Game to this year’s Unshakeable – Your Financial Freedom Playbook.

Effectively, Unshakeable is a follow-up to his much voluminous Money – Master The Game (2014), there are quite a number of Rules/Principles stated in Unshakeable are actually a conscious version from Money.

Of course, the overall context of the book is more applicable to US e.g. you will see him stating quite a number of investment vehicles which are for US citizens, like their 401(K) plan etc.. Having said that, I still enjoyed reading it very much  as all the Principles/Guides are deemed universal and timeless.

Some of you …