Stop and celebrate our achievements

We celebrated my wife’s 29th birthday this weekend with a dinner at Waku Ghin. Fine dining has always been one of our favourite shared interests & activities and that’s how we celebrate our special occasions. We have been wanting to try the dining experience at Waku Ghin for a long time since we enjoyed our past visits to Tetsuya’s restaurant in Sydney. However, the price of the degustation menu at Waku Ghin was a real showstopper and we couldn’t bring ourselves to spend that kind of money even for fine dining.

I’m not sure what changed this year. It could have been a combination of increasing work stress, satisfaction with our financial progress, or maybe even lifestyle inflation. But we have been much more willing to spend upwards to engage in travel and dining activities that we enjoy. Especially when it comes to new stuff we haven’t tried before. So here …

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