The Great Migration to StocksCafe


The migration of SGXcafe to StocksCafe will happen this weekend!

This is more than simply the changing of domain names. When I first started SGXcafe, it was meant for myself hence I simply dumped everything onto a single server. That was easy and convenient, but certainly not robust nor scalable. I have spent the last few days designing and configuring a brand new multi-server infrastructure and now it’s ready to go.

I will start the migration on Saturday 8 April at 7am. I expect that the entire migration will take about 3-4 hours. SGXcafe will not be accessible during this period. Post-migration, all links to will still continue to work. On your end, there is nothing you need to do except to enjoy a relaxing Saturday morning and visit SGXcafe-soon-to-be-StocksCafe only after lunch …


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