3 reasons why rubbish collection might not be such a rubbish investment after all

Living in Singapore, cleanliness has always been our claim to fame. Ask any of your friends visiting from overseas and the first comment that we get is usually: “Wow. Singapore is so clean!”

This is all thanks to the clean and green campaign and good urban planning by the powers that be. Getting rid of rubbish has never been a problem for us. There are dustbins everywhere as we walk down the street and all of us probably have a bin at home lined with a plastic bag that we fill up as we go through the day. And just before we go to bed, we tie up that plastic bag, walk over to the rubbish chute, and dump it down. No matter which floor we stay on, it always works! For all this convenience, we only pay $8.25 per month!

However, not many of us know what …

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