Hu Li Yang 30 Stock Investing Strategies

What is a Gravity Line? 什么是地心引力线?
A stock’s Gravity Line is the average between its 30-day moving average and 72-day moving average.
Gravity Line = (30-day SMA + 72-day SMA)/2
Why this weird number?
I have no idea, it was mentioned in HLY’s book that he researched about it and found these 2 numbers gave the best results
一个股票的地心引力线是它的 (30日移动平均价 + 72日移动平均线)/2

Use of Gravity Line? 如何利用地心引力线投资?
1) When the stock price falls to 20% below Gravity Line and
2) Stock Volume greater than the average volume for the past 5 days
This is a signal that the falling trend has reversed and it is time to buy.
This means that the stock is heavily undervalued and the spike in volume could mean that someone has spotted this and is buying into the stock.

1)当股价已跌到低于地心引力线至少 20%

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