Okay, there is one thing is we need to understand when we get down to looking at Financial Cyber Security, or anything that requires security at all. And that is the good ol’ Security-Convenience Continuum. It’s very, very complicated, so let me draw a diagram for you:

So on one end you have Safety.
On the other end you have Convenience.

Basically, this is a gave-and-take relationship. If you want more convenience, you get less security. If you want more security you get less convenience.

Let’s take a bicycle for an example.

#0: The most convenient way to access your bicycle is to keep it on the ground floor, with no locks.
Pump up security, cut back on convenience #1: Add locks to your bicycle located on the ground floor
Pump up security, cut back on convenience #2: Keep your bicycle on your floor corridor
Pump up security, cut back …