Being the sai kang Ops Manager, my new add-on duty currently is to hire for a HR generalist position for the SME I am working at (before I get a new add-on duty of HR manager too). Here are some interesting takeaways from the interviews I have conducted.

1) Those who don’t know how to give ‘model answers’ for the standard questions asked, I know they have little or no experience in interviewing and recruiting people, as well as being interviewed.
“What do you know about our company xxx?” *stumped*

“Thank you, exit is over there.”

2) “What makes you leave your current position?”

Ah, I have to watch out for complainers. Those who talk a lot of ‘bad’ stuff about their current work. You know? I know.

Most standard answer – “I want a change of environment / industry.” (The nicer way of saying I don’t like my current workplace.)…