Dear AK,

What do you do when people borrow money from you?

Everytime a friend called to borrow some money, I will always remind myself that many years ago I also seek help, a friend lend me a few thousands dollars. I worked hard and repay. So whenever friends seek help, I help them.

After a while, I found that most are unable to pay back… Actually, one of them even bought a few property investments later but did not return money he borrowed from me. It has become difficult for me.

Last week, a friend want to borrow 1K. He is fed up that for only 1K, I ask this ask that… So, I told him that I am financially tight and unable to lend him money.

AK replies:


I can understand your situation and this is something that I have blogged about too.

“I was taught that if we should lend someone money, we must do it with the …