This is frequent question ask : Do you invest/trade in US market?

In 01 Aug 2009, Uncle88888 said ….

I have 
never invested in any oversea market before, and also unlikely in the future as I don’t believe that with my limited investing capital, SG market cannot provide enough opportunity for me to make decent returns.

There is no need to look so far away when the pot of gold is just in our own backyard. So I have escaped the CLOB saga, but my father-in-law and brothers-in-law were all badly burnt. 

16 Apr 2017 : Even now with plenty of free time to watch the US market; it is still No.

Larry William’s Rule No 9

9. Your fortune will come from your focus – focus on one market or one technique.

A jack of all trades will never become a winning tradee. Why? Because a trader must zero in on the markets, paying attention to the details of trading …