As I am promoted to a mummy now, I will be sharing more about the finances of a family. One big hole in the pocket is because of formula milk, no wonder we always say parents have to 赚奶粉钱 (earn money for milk)! The recent report by Straits Times is not helping. It states that the price of formula milk has gone up by 120% in 10 years, faster than any other raw materials.

This post aims to compare the formula milk of all stages with the intention to find out if there is a big price difference that will motivate me to change brands.

Nutritional information
Before I talk about the different prices, it’s necessary to explain more about the nutrition that is widely marketed by milk companies. They 2 key ingredients are AA and DHA, but you will also find ALA and LA in the formula milk too. Some details on these 4 ingredients: …