There are currently three Singapore stocks, each with a market capitalization of more than $1 billion which are trading at less than 50% Price-to-Book ratio.

Noble Group stock currently trades at 0.42 Price-to-Book. OUE stock currently trades at 0.46 Price-to-Book while Wing Tai Holding currently also trades at 0.46 Price-to-Book too. Of these three stocks, Wing Tai pays a dividends of 1.58%, OUE pays a dividends of 1.46%. Noble which had in the past paid dividend did not do so last year (year 2016).

On the technical front, OUE is oversold (RSI below 30); Wing Tai stock is trading at around 50% RSI while Noble stock is approaching below 50% towards the 30% mark.

Currently the Singapore stocks markets are getting a bit bearish, it is interesting to note how the above list based on the same criteria in para one will change with …