Hospitality Industry – The Next Investment Opportunity?

Many great investment opportunities happen when the industry is still depressed and where the individual companies are undervalued. I’ve been looking for more investment opportunities and the hospitality industry came up on my radar.

The hospitality sector is not all gloomy for every country. The 2 stocks that I have which have direct exposure in the hospitality industry are Ascendas Hospitality Trust and CDL Hospitality Trust. Ascendas hTrust was bought quite long ago back in 2014. It has been providing me a dividend yield of about 7.5% for the past few years and price has gone up as well. Its main business is in Australia with 56% of its net property income coming from there. The rest are from Singapore (12%), Japan (24%) and China (8%).

CDL Hospitality Trust on the other hand was bought quite recently in December 2016. It is giving about 7% dividend. This is a …

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