Dear Readers,

I am continuing my search for, what Warren Buffett will have exclaimed – the next “wonderful company at only fair prices”.

Therefore, to search for this company, I decided to try searching within the construction industry.

The interest in construction industry was triggered due to a few reasons such as:

  1. This video via Flyinpeach – Singapore continuous infrastructure development for the next 2 to 3 years will continue to provide projects for the construction industry, especially those in the civil engineering sector.
  2. The recent purchases for land at high prices via SP Sertia and Sing Holdings.
  3. The continued urbanization of the world, especially within South East Asia.

Before we start, do note Companies that are within the construction industry but also within these areas of business will be ignored:

– Companies earning more than 50% from Overseas. (I may not have the knowledge to fully understand these …